Darryl Clack former NFL great: “Hear my story before I forget”.

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“Hear My Story Before I Forget” chronicles former Dallas Cowboys Darryl Clack’s celebrated sports career, his coping mechanisms for multiple concussions, PTSD and depression, and journals the dark months of uncertainty and his fight to live after acquiring TTP, a rare autoimmune blood disease. A valuable book for athletes, parents, sports fans or anyone suffering from a chronic illness, that will aid in understanding how to detect symptoms of neurological damage, TTP, and concussions. It also discusses how young athletes in contact sports may protect themselves on the field and what measures to take to get help. A narrative of inspiration, edification, and insight that unapologetically shows Darryl’s renewed strength in Christ. Above all else, though, it is a memoir of faith, hope, healing, recovery, and transparency.